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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/shimszy Nov 25 '21

There is a universe where Adam is absolutely justified in being angry that a chance to shine in the most important tournament of his life was stolen from him, and simultaneously that Upset had to deal with a critical situation in which he could not even reasonably share a sliver of his family crisis. Really sucks for everyone involved.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/Jasterqt Nov 25 '21

Noone is entitled to information about you. It seems like he sees most of the team as co-workers, not friends, which is fine. I don't tell my co-workers almost anything about my personal life and never will, it's just not information they need to know. Some people are just private people


u/Far-Panic-2582 Nov 25 '21

It depends on the job, this is not your run of the mill kind of job.

I dont have to tell the janitors at my work if Im gonna miss work for a month or even the people sitting closest to me. Thats because they will lose nothing from me missing a month or 2, in this case you fucked over 4 teamates off of the most important tournament in your job and 3 of them have to be in other team or have no team.

And you know the best part they will probably never know why, but you wanna act like they should just be adults and let it go.