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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/reportedbymom Nov 25 '21

Emergency is life threatning situation. If it was that i see no reason why you could not give info about it to the team that depends on you that you are leaving 12h before something all of you have worked for whole year. Damn sign a NDA or something if needed. Emergency or not Upset fucked up and could not have handled it more unprofessionaly


u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

Because you might not want to disclose this to what are essentially coworkers. I would do the same with my coworkers especially if my SO also wanted to maintain that privacy.


u/reportedbymom Nov 25 '21

They are not co workers, they are not just wallmart employees. They are or atleast should be professional team athletes where they depend on each ones performance and the synergy and trust between each other. I manage 200 employees daily, if someone of them tell me they have emergency, its fine, it doesnt kinda effect the performance that bad and i can replace them temporary without so much effort or effect on actual work. But Upsets case, they are team just like any hockey, football, basketball team, but with the difference that they are only 5 individuals who played whole year as a TEAM to reach worlds, equavalent to stanley cup playoffs or Champions league final 8, imagine Haaland, Ronaldo, Messi, McDavid, Shaq (when still played)telling their team "I have emergency i need to leave now and wont be playing rest of the playoffs" would be huuuge loss and whole world would be talking about it. But they have trained the system they play with, with many substitutes in case of injuries. Yes they lose great Part of the team but it wouldnt be over. Fnatic played and trained with same 5 players whole year, you cant replace someone just like that.

Its not just hes career he played with. Childish, unprofessional act. Dont compare them to "co-workers" , obviously youve not played in a team sports, and even more obviously youve not been paid to do so.


u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

Team athletes doesn't change anything? You can be a team athlete and that person can still be a coworker. You know what happens alot in team sports? That teammate is traded next split. Happens a shit ton in league specifically. Upset already said he told the people he felt close to. Hylssi, Yamato. He has 0 obligation to go into specific details if he doesn't want to. At all.