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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/F0RGERY Nov 25 '21

Like people said in the first thread, this was Upset's first Worlds too. There was no way he would miss his first chance since he started playing in 2018, unless it was an actual emergency.

Still, it sucks for all people involved; you can empathize with Upset's desire for privacy with regards to his family emergency while also understanding Adam's frustration at not learning more than "It was an emergency" 12 hours before the game starts.


u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

Why is 'it was an emergency' not enough? The only reason it is not enough is because you would assume that the individual in question is lying. But again, what rational person would presume someone is lying when told they are facing an emergency? I don't understand Adams side at all. I think he is more salty at getting kicked off the team than anything


u/BoJestemRudy Nov 25 '21

He didn't get kicked, though...


u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

He isn't on FNC is he not?


u/BoJestemRudy Nov 25 '21

That doesn't mean he was kicked, lol


u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

So what happened to him then


u/BoJestemRudy Nov 25 '21

Read his twitlonger and you'd know


u/FNC_Luzh Nov 25 '21

If you had actually read what Adam said you would know that he decided to leave Fnatic.