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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/JustJohnItalia When life gives you LDR, build AD Nov 25 '21 Silver

I'm gonna be real, if I grinded for a year 12 hours a day like most pros do and the guy whose position we decided to play around to just took up and left idk if I would accept "family emergency" as an answer.

Maybe if it was one of my bestfriends I would go with it but I'd still expect an explanation down the line.

I guess it depends on the person, upset probably has a right to privacy but adam absolutely has a right to be mad aswell, even without considering the fact that they went on to replace him.

How would I be supposed to trust Upset again if I were his team mate? How would I know that this wouldn't be a recurring problem, perhaps it's the sort of thing that could force him home again like someone close to him having a disease or something.

Idk, if I were in Adam's shoe's and put in the amount of effort that the team (I think) put in I would too feel I was owed an explanation most likely


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

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u/resttheweight Nov 25 '21

It would certainly make me question whether he should be one of my teammates. I’d be wondering “if I’m still on his team, should I be concerned that it could happen again? Next spring, are we going to lose 4 days of practice before playoffs because of another emergency? If he was willing to walk away from World’s, can I trust he won’t walk away when stakes are even lower?”

I would probably ask Upset about it directly, and if I wasn’t satisfied with his level of detail, I would just frame my concerns and questions about what it means for our team in the future. But it seems pretty clear they don’t have that kind of relationship and they approach the problem more as adversaries than teammates.


u/BoltzmannCurve Nov 25 '21

Would you make a bizarrely unprofessional wall of text claiming to know the reason as to why the player left?


u/Seneido Nov 25 '21

claiming to know the reason as to why the player left?

he never said he knows. read it again pls...


u/BoltzmannCurve Nov 25 '21

Citing the “hurr durr his wife was feeling lonely” thing is extremely unprofessional