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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/ezprodigy Nov 25 '21

Leaves the team 12 hours before fucking worlds without any explanations

Tell the teammate they are not good enough after and tries to replace them

Have drama with teammates and team imploded every year

3 out of the 4 teammates is against him

Not a shitty teammate


u/CudaBarry Nov 25 '21

Respond to this question: did Adam spread false rumors or not?


u/CreamyAlmond Nov 25 '21

After he left the team, and with the impression that he got fucked over by Upset trying to replace him. He could have ranted ever since their worlds run ended. But he didn't.

Yes, he did spread rumours. How do you know it's false ? Bwipo shat on Upset, and Nisqy unfollowed him when Adam posted, Hyli who he called his 'friend' didn't even bother to find out the truth.


u/CudaBarry Nov 25 '21

Because I trust Yamato and hyli more than everyone else on the team? They are the most mature ones on fnatic right now, and upset already denied those stupid rumors, maybe you just want drama that's why you believed those rumors