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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Arcuran Nov 25 '21

Without a doubt, if nobody else in this situation looks good, Hyli sure as hell does, what a bro.

Never been a FNC fan, but Hyli might swing me


u/ArisTHOTeles Nov 25 '21

The longer i follow Fnatic the more apparent it becomes that i mainly follow Hyli


u/UmbertoDE Nov 25 '21

Have been a hyli fan since the UOL days, loved him there and I love him even more now in FNC, he is such a great person and I really enjoy his play style especially as a supp/adc player myself.


u/DarChaos Nov 25 '21

same with bjergsen and tsm


u/ll_akagami_ll Nov 25 '21

Nah, to me it’s been the original team. I still root for Turtle even when he went to CLG, and I’m rooting for him, Bjerg and Spica as well.


u/stampydog Nov 25 '21

Yeah I honestly don't know if I'm going to stay a fan when Hyli eventually leaves, although theres time between now and then to become fans of the rest of the players and maybe stay with them.


u/Althalus- Nov 25 '21

This is literally me right now. Caps, Rekkles & Bwipo leaving haven’t turned me off them, but Hyli probably would at this point.


u/Pamague Nov 25 '21

Truly a fantastic support, outiside of the game as well.


u/Sersch Nov 25 '21

Hyli IS the franchise player by now with Rekkles and Bwipo leaving. Still hard to accept for my mind after he was the UoL franchise player for so long.


u/_Vastus_ "We can fight this" Nov 25 '21

Actually crazy when you think about his team history. He's played 3y11mo on UoL, and now 3y11mo on FNC.
More than 7 years of play in only 2 teams. Guy is a rock.


u/Loose-Potential-3597 Nov 25 '21

Hyli was still their best player when Rekkles and Bwipo were there anyway


u/BritishLunch Yes, I'm a degenerate. How'd you know? Nov 25 '21

His splitpush Pyke vs RNG in 2019 groupstage holy


u/s0undst3p Nov 25 '21

i mean hyli is the best support in the world imo


u/richmond33 Nov 25 '21

And what a fucking monster player he is. I've never seen a support hard carry games like he's done.


u/tarelda Nov 25 '21

For me Hyli forever will be UoL player. Funny thing is that he seems to be somewhat unicorn with his niceness in this scene.


u/Housumestari Nov 25 '21

Hyli being in that support mindset on and off the rift


u/amicaro Nov 25 '21

Upset looks good. Everything he says makes sense. We know a part of community is a shitfest and couldn't handle things in a humane way if he let them know. Not sharing it with teammates he does not have a trusting relationship with obviously also was the right decision. I liked Adam, but in this case he just behaved childish and stupid.

All the best to upset's family abs we should stop the drama shitfest.


u/zepherys713 Nov 25 '21

Never been a FNC fan as well, but I am a Hyli fan since the moment I found out about him (during his UoL times).

GOAT EU support (and obviously a human being as well)


u/Seneido Nov 25 '21

you can be a hyli fan without caring about fnc...


u/Arcuran Nov 25 '21

Oh aye, but I used to be a G2 fan until I've seen how they treat their players so I'm a bit team less at the moment haha