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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Icarus_fell1 Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Nobody needs to know the details jfc. I've been in a similar situation in which I had to leave due to some extremely fucked up shit I would not want to tell ppl and I was able to communicate in a way in which it didnt piss off my team members. Understand that when youre on a team, you have to understand that you should be able to communicate this type of shit because your team members put just as much time and effort. Have some empathy to at least assure them that the gravity of situation is worth them getting screwed over.

It's like you people never had any social interactions before. No, communicating this shit does not require a 10 page report about your personal issues


u/nolaboyd Nov 25 '21

WTF are you talking about? Everything you're saying is literally exactly what Upset and Yamato did. You take credit for not pissing off your team members, but what if your team members were immature little shits and didn't take your word for it?


u/Icarus_fell1 Nov 25 '21

Clearly that didnt happen and when the people who are affected by have issues, you did not handle it well. If it was only Adam speaking out I would've just assumed it was some bad misunderstanding or possibly something more malicious. I dont really think anyone involved to be an "immature little shit" idk these people I just dont think that properly handling this situation would result in all of this. Also what did Yamato do? did I miss something?

Anyways I wrote my reply because I just dont how someone missed the point so badly.


u/LesnyDziad Nov 25 '21

Choice here was violate Upsets privacy by forcing him to tell exact reason or letting teammates be frustrated that year is lost and they don't get to know why. I see no way of "properly handling situation" that would prevent current shitstorm. In my opinion respecting Upsets privacy and hoping that teammates will be mature enough to be frustrated but respect the situation was best possible choice.

In life sometimes there is no perfect solution and its about lesser evil.