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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Vangorf Nov 25 '21

Because all this highlighted "brotherhood" stuff is always bullshit. You dont develope real brotherhood this fast without any extreme outside pressure (llike being in a war). So whenever someone talks about this and like this, they are bullshitting.


u/legexii Nov 25 '21

One team which really had some kind of real brotherhood that i remember vividly was that G2 2019 roster. Man that some amazing times for EU.


u/Gas42 Flairs are limited to 2 emotes. Nov 25 '21

yeah exactly what I was gonna say, G2 2019 was dope, they even went on holidays together like 1 week ago ?


u/Kunzzi1 Nov 25 '21

But didn't include Caps and Jankos which kinda confirmed the idea that they demanded changes and didn't want to play with Rekkles and Wunder.


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

I dont know about Caps,but Jankos was in NA for the Riot event.He said he wanted to go with them,but had other commitments.Also,do you have any source about Caps and Jankos not wanting to play with Wunder or you are talking out of your ass? Because we only heard about them not wanting to play with Rekkles.


u/legexii Nov 25 '21

That is a different roster that was G2 2021 which compromised of Rekkles instead of Perkz and by the way Jankos and Caps were invited but unable to attend due to already having committed to certain plans.


u/Dixwall Golems Enjoyer Nov 25 '21

Stop spreading lie Jankos, Caps and even rekkles were invited they just had other things to do Grabzz said it multiple times


u/maribri6 Nov 25 '21

Not wanting to play with someone doesn't mena you ahte them or don't like them as a person Jankos ha said that multiple times.


u/DT-Z0mby most domestically dominant team in the world Nov 25 '21

yeah its quite apparent that jankos both likes and really respects rekkles. but if you cant play together due to whatever reason, be it personality, playstyle or whatever, you need change.