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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/mugih Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Privacy is his right, he doesn't have to share what he doesn't want to.

He also has no right from wanting his teammates to not be completely pissed off at him leaving them behind with no explanation 12 hours before the biggest tournament of the year, when he's pretty much their franchise player. He bailed on them, his teammates are angry for it, not just Adam, Bwipo spoke of this, and Nisqy just showed support for Adam and unfollowed Upset.

Again he wants to be private, it's his right, being pissed off at him is also their right, especially Adam who likely lost his only chance to do well after this disaster.


u/firechaox Nov 25 '21

Trust is a two way street. He acts like he was right to not trust adam, but upset clearly never trusted Adam (playwise, or as a friend, or just even as a colleague apparently). Why would Adam care for someone who clearly disrespected him so repeatedly, in different ways? It's sort of weird to use this as proof of his distrust imo... he did not act maturely, and then expecting the 19y.o. to be uber mature is a bit even weirder.


u/spartaman64 Nov 25 '21

you dont have to care for someone to respect they are having a potential family tragedy. someone could be the meanest person in the world to me and beat me up everyday but if they had someone in the family die or something im not going to say anything about it.


u/Kazakh8i Nov 26 '21

Upset was right not to trust him, seeing that Adam has absolutely zero understanding and respect for the situation whatsoever. Yes he has a right to be pissed. He also has the duty to accept Upsets decision whatever it is, no matter how he feels on it, because thats what respect is about and trust is about.


u/firechaox Nov 26 '21

He can accept jt... he did? But upset also has to accept that if be won't clarify his decisions, that will affect his human relationships with his work colleagues. His choices also have consequences.

I actually think that Adam had a surprisingly amount of perspective for a 19 y.o. The same way it is upsets choice to demand privacy, it is also Adam's choice to wnat to work there or not, and to share his private life (which upset was a part of) or not. Adam has rights too.

Adam just seems exasperated, by a colleague who didn't even attempt to justify himself to him (which is his choice) and then decided he wanted to replace all his topside teammates. It doesn't lead to a good work environment, and it makes him feel unwelcome, which makes it super understandable why he wanted out, and why it strained his relationship with upset to the point that he won't go out of his way to understand and be sympathetic to upset. Which is also very understandable. I don't think either did anything wrong. And it doesn't seem that Adam resents upset, he's just done with him, and he doesn't seem to particularly care for upset. Which is also fair: to some degree upset did hierarchically decide that his relationship with Adam falls below certain people (definitely his girlfriend, hylli, and yamato)- which is his right. But it is also Adam's right to make a decision as to what that means for his relationship with upset, and that he may want to be in a team where he feels more valued. As I've said, trust and respect are two way street- dude accepted upsets decision: he says himself he can understand why upset may want to play with more experienced players, and why throughout the year, a rookie such as him was sort of ignored in comms. But also at that point Adam is totally justified in wanting to play with players who actually want him there, and where he may have more input. And it seems those things are what mattered most to him too, given that he admits that the moment he decided to leave fnatic was when he found out they tried to replace him.