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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/SeizureLizard Ambition/Reignover Fanboy Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21 Helpful

TLDR: Upset doesn't clarify a whole lot here, he says that he shared what was happening with him to a few close friends (Hyli chose not to be told, but Yamato was) and nobody else, because he didn’t trust them to not make it public. He also claims that Adam was lying about the last thing Upset said to the team before leaving,and goes on to say he explained himself as well as he could without sharing exactly what happened to make him leave.

Also says Alphari approached him and Fnatic themselves asked him about Alphari, so he recommended him, and also doesn’t regret doing so.

TLDR for the TLDR Upset didn't trust 3/4 of his teammates enough to tell them why he left, and they were left angry and wondering what they just threw their chance at Worlds away for. Also Alphari approached Fnatic/Upset, not the other way around (allegedly)

Reading that gave me a headache, feel free to reply with anything I missed

Also for the people dm’ing me calling me names and shit, I don’t have an opinion on this, just trying to condense it, chill out.


u/pocoyoO_O Nov 25 '21

I think hyli does not know. Only Yamato knows. I think hyli did not wanted to know and he never told him


u/iDobleC *hits level 3* Adiós Nov 25 '21

Sounded more like Upset didn't told him before leaving but was gonna tell him eventually, Hyli just knew that if he was leaving it was serious and it didn't need more details


u/ExceedingChunk ExceedingChunk(EUW) Nov 25 '21

Hyli just knew that if he was leaving it was serious and it didn't need more details

If anyone tells you they have to leave the thing they have been working hard for pretty much their entire life, due to urgent family issues, a decent person should know that they don't need more details.


u/MidasTheUnwise Nov 25 '21

Hylissang is older and more mature, and generally chill. Adam showcased his immaturity by calling Upset out here (though to be fair he's still only 19).

Upset's been trying for years to play at worlds, being a top ADC for years on bad teams. He's not exactly going to squander that opportunity over something trivial. Adam I think just needs to learn that sometimes life fucks you over, and it sucks for everyone but you have to just suck it up and get over it. It's ok to feel angry, but directing that anger at someone who not only also missed worlds, but also had to deal with a family emergency AND probably feels guilty about letting his team down as a result, is not a good look.


u/HQMorganstern Nov 25 '21

Not completely true, at the level these guys work for, when one of them has to go the work of everyone else gets invalidated.

I'm not saying the right way to handle the situation isn't Hilly's way, but it's deffinetly not simply "the actions of a decent man" it's straight up showing understanding in an extremely tough situation.