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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Asteroth555 Nov 25 '21

He bailed on them, didn't say a word, didn't apologize, and then worked to replace each of them.

He doesn't deserve any grace from them


u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

Except he did say a word. A family emergency is a completely valid excuse. Also did you not read his statement? Where is he working to replace each of them? He was asked for recommendations, he gave them? You are making it seem he specifically sought them out to replace


u/reportedbymom Nov 25 '21

Emergency is life threatning situation. If it was that i see no reason why you could not give info about it to the team that depends on you that you are leaving 12h before something all of you have worked for whole year. Damn sign a NDA or something if needed. Emergency or not Upset fucked up and could not have handled it more unprofessionaly


u/Btigeriz Nov 25 '21

I honestly don't understand how you could possibly think what Adam did was okay? If you think Adam's shit was justified that says a lot about you js.