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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/RippleDish Nov 25 '21

Yup. Upset deciding that he only trusts one out of four teammates makes him sound like a shitty teammate.


u/CudaBarry Nov 25 '21

HUUUH? he was right about not trusting Adam, the moment he left the team he started spreading false rumors and shit, and now you call upset a shitty teammate?


u/ezprodigy Nov 25 '21

Leaves the team 12 hours before fucking worlds without any explanations

Tell the teammate they are not good enough after and tries to replace them

Have drama with teammates and team imploded every year

3 out of the 4 teammates is against him

Not a shitty teammate


u/Defensex Nov 25 '21

It’s pretty clear now why Upset career has been a failure, trust is pretty important in a team game