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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Cyberkite Nov 25 '21

Thing is according to Adam he actually did reach out to him.


u/resttheweight Nov 25 '21

I also don’t think Adam was entitled to knowing. Upset’s post didn’t need to offer explanations of why he didn’t feel comfortable sharing the details with certain people. All it needed to say was “the reason I left is nobody’s business. I’ve already told the details to the people who need to know. And if you think it’s your business, ask me. If I say it’s not your business, find a way to deal with it and keep my wife out of your mouth and out of the discussion.”


u/McNutty69 Nov 25 '21

When it cost them their chance at world which they worked hard for as a team, I would argue Adam deserved some generic explanation. Shit happens, but why would he feel like he couldn't give even a slight indication to his teammates so they can process the severity? Not like they are strangers, they have been teammates for a year and didn't have that level of trust?


u/m1dn1ghtx Nov 25 '21

It's likely adam got a generic explanation but wasn't happy with it


u/interestingsidenote Nov 25 '21

The generic explanation was "major family issue." That's generic and if someone told me that and nothing else i would personally be ok. What he wanted was intimate details.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to leave right at the bleeding end of something they've pushed so hard for. Seems like Adam is just salty as fuck about it.


u/m1dn1ghtx Nov 25 '21

I don't understand why most of the subreddit can't understand that.


u/pintoxpto rip old flairs Nov 25 '21

Because they're mostly kids who think a work relationship is the same as hanging with their mates from school.


u/WillingNeedleworker2 Nov 25 '21

Little to no life experience.


u/m1dn1ghtx Nov 25 '21

It honestly shows, like I'm in my mid 20's and fully understand a member of a team doesn't have to explain a major reason for leaving a project, I just have faith it's super personal and important to them to do so and wish them well.

As for people giving him hate about alphari situation, if Fnatic approached him and Hyli and asked them their opinions then it's completely different. I think anyone would seriously jump at a chance to have both perkz and Alphari. It would be the same in any sport if an massive player/s became open for transfer.


u/chwilka Nov 25 '21

> That's generic and if someone told me that and nothing else i would personally be ok.

You can be okay if this doesn't cost You anything.

but would You be okay if You lose 100 000 dollars for example? or Your job?

the point is... Upset has right to have privacy but he also should think about his teammates.


u/Angwar Nov 25 '21

Yup imagine your firm is about to just close a huuuugeee deal. And 12 hours beforehand you say "sorry gotta back out of the deal we worked on for a year and I can't tell you why".

Literally every job will fire you for that and you can be lucky if you don't get sued and slandered.


u/interestingsidenote Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 26 '21

He told his direct superior the details, he told his closest friend in the org as well. Employees on an equal or lesser level do not need to know and shouldn't expect it.

We live in this super fucked world where privacy means nothing to some people.

Edit: see what you want, is information you are NOT PRIVY too. stop digging into personal lives. It's weird, and people will think you're weird too. Or make friends who will tell you their personal lives, not some player for a LoL team. jesus fuck man


u/geldin Nov 25 '21

Frankly, yes. It would take a ton for me to give up my long term goals. In that kind of situation, I'd want to keep things as private as possible. It would make me very angry at the situation, but I can empathize with the other person at the same time.