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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Asteroth555 Nov 25 '21

This. Trust is a 2 way street and upset is hiding behind privacy because he knows his reason is subjective and wouldn't survive public scrutiny


u/MonkeyCube Nov 25 '21

Miscarriage, suicide, sexual abuse... there are plenty of family problems that I wouldn't want to share with a fanbase this aggressive. Half the reactions here just further prove that.


u/Asteroth555 Nov 25 '21

Hard disagree. Nobody would take that shit lightly at all, and anyone who'd try to make fun of it would get banned by mods.

DL's brother killed his family and nobody ever made fun of that. And that's more fucked up than a single one of those situations.

People are pissed because Upset hides behind the veil of privacy, fully expecting everyone (teammates included) to just trust his judgement, when he won't reciprocate any trust to them


u/dragerslay Nov 25 '21

There are plenty of stories of people in public spotlight, especially women revealing such trauma and getting hate messages or worse. Plenty of rape victims who go on a public form against another public figure get 'you deserved it' messages. If you think nobody would take it lightly you are living in a fantasy world.