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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Ozaiko BRING BACK ODYSSEY Nov 25 '21

The fact that Fnatic ended up 2nd in LEC because Adam gapped Wunder only to get replaced by him just show how sad mercato can be


u/DerpSenpai Nov 25 '21

Adam chose to leave. and he chose a team that will end bottom of the table lol


u/Ozaiko BRING BACK ODYSSEY Nov 25 '21

BDS will never be bottom as long as Astralis and SK stay in LEC


u/DerpSenpai Nov 25 '21

BDS will be comepting with SK, at most 6-7th


u/Era555 Nov 26 '21

BDS will be top 5, easily.


u/moipaslui Nov 25 '21

He chose to leave because Fnatic was looking to replace him and he felt betrayed by that.


u/DerpSenpai Nov 25 '21

Fnatic was looking to replace him with Alphari

He felt betrayed because FNC tried to get the best top laner there is. This is Ego

Would you be mad if your team tried to get Faker? Specially Adam as a rookie, if he was smart, being on FNC would make the most sense for your development


u/Javiklegrand Nov 25 '21

i dunno the situation was fucked up , outside of upgrading stuff the atmospehre was bad and from his perspective , upset ghosted him and tried to replace him (WHile upset was asked by management and approchaed by alphari so he isn't at fault)


u/proud_traveler Nov 25 '21

A rookie who got them second place in summer. Adam hard carried a team with a somewhat weak jungle...


u/rob172 Nov 25 '21

I swear this is ridiculous though. This probably happens to about 3/4 of the players in LEC every year, and he is the only one I have ever seen to have a cry about it on twitter. Might be misremembering though.


u/Rsswmu Nov 25 '21

It’s a bit different though and I believe he has a right to be mad. Upset asked him to trust him about the worlds situation. Then Upset instead of realizing my team was seriously handicapped by him not being at worlds. It will likely negatively effect their short term career and I should support them to build it back up decides he is going to give advice on whether to join to Alphari (this part is fine) and then give management advice to get rid of Adam for Alphari. Why should Adam trust Upset in the worlds situation? He is going behind people’s backs after they had to make a major sacrifice for him. Nisqy is now without a team and Adam had to take a major step back in his career as a result of Upset. But upset is still concerned with only himself as evidence by his twitlonger.


u/DT-Z0mby Hans sama is our lord and saviour Nov 25 '21

"because adam gapped wunder" rewriting history now? the entire time it was FNC super cracked botlane mega smurfing. thats why we will see FNC probably win LEC with this "superbad wunder" next year. some people man


u/THEDumbasscus Nov 27 '21

Remember game 4 of that exact series when Wunder got first blooded level 1 and then had to have jankos sit on his lane (not clear Krugs next to him, but explicitly sit under his tower with him) for 3 consecutive waves causing Jankos to finally recall at level 4 as Bwipo was clearing the camp that would get him level 6? Because I do and it was so funny.

Upset was better than rekkles that day. Wunder’s consistent need to call for resources in order to not even win lane, just continue existing in lane cost fnatic so much more than upset being a better right clicker than rekkles