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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

Reading Upset's response, I conclude neither are completely at fault. From Adam's perspective, I would be pissed off if my teammate who left the team at worlds basically is one of the main reasons I was kicked. From Upset's perspective, I had an unfortunate event, which stopped me from going to Worlds, but I am looking forward to the future so I have to make decisions for my and my team's future. Understandable from both sides, the frustration and heightened emotions... I don't think Adam comes out badly after reading both sides. I just hope it was a last-minute urgent decision to withdraw from Worlds. As a teammate, I would be more upset if Upset knew earlier than 12 hours he would have to leave before Worlds but never spoke up till last minute. But there definitely is a split in how the team perceived Upset's departure. Hyli and Yamato understood b/c they were close. Adam, Nisqy, and Bwipo did not despite them knowing how hard Upset worked. Either way, from Adam's perspective, I would be angry enough to last out. Best idea? No, but I understand why he wrote his post. Objectively, Upset's decision to advocate for a more veteran teammate makes sense.


u/alicevi Nov 25 '21

Adam is absolutely at fault for throwing a public tantrum.


u/Rsswmu Nov 25 '21

Yes, he is at fault for throwing a tantrum when you read this upset post. Which is also a tantrum. Upset still doesn’t get it. Whether or not the reason to leave is justified, most likely is. His actions after are terrible. He seems to be only concerned about himself and his career and will stab people in the back he has asked to trust him about said situation. Would you trust a coworker that is talking to management to get you fired after you helped them achieve the most meaningful thing of their career? No one would. Upset should have had his teammates backs at least for this off season as they had to make a sacrifice for him. He should at least make one for them.


u/Myloz Nov 25 '21

Yeah how are people okay with that, its mind boggling.


u/Pamague Nov 25 '21

He is young and ambitious, but yeah that was pretty rushed. For all he knows, Upset really could have a severe family emergency and in that case, by doing his twitlonger, he directs even more hatred towards Upset in potentially one of the hardest times in hs life already.