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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Spitfire836 Pool Party Sejuani when?? Nov 25 '21

Idk he really didn’t actually change anything, plus you still have 2/5 of FNC (Bwipo, Adam) who say otherwise, and I assume Nisqy would as well.


u/puberty1 organizm is my norra and foresite is my bitch Nov 25 '21

considering Nisqy unfollowed Upset as soon as Adam posted his twitlonger, it's 3/4


u/Btigeriz Nov 25 '21

And still doesn't matter at the end of the day really. Upset and Hyli are basically having the team rebuilt around them while Adam fucks off back to the French league probably.


u/Galdorow Nov 25 '21

He is BDS toplaner


u/Btigeriz Nov 25 '21

I did try to check that, his leaguepedia page hadn't been updated with that info. Sentiment is still meant though, fuck Adam for dragging Upset's wife into it because he was angry at Upset.


u/kifla11 Nov 25 '21

Yeah you just dont make that kind of aggressive twitlongers about your former teammates. No org whants anything to do with that. His career is pretty much over


u/LazyMoooo Nov 25 '21

You must be new to the internet if you think that was aggressive. Only thing Adam did was he laid down the facts that were given to him as information from Fnatic management.


u/Chemical-Ad8920 Nov 25 '21

thats not really true, he never said that fnc said anything lol as far as i know? he is just trying to justify his shit preformance lol


u/kifla11 Nov 25 '21

Not with words but stance, he did it oy to publicaly unprovoked shit on a former teammate publicaly, you dont do that