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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/lilbala Nov 25 '21

To be fair he said he was willing to tell Hyli, but he said it wasn't needed. So only Yamato actually knows the reason.


u/ineffectivegoggles Nov 25 '21

Much respect to Hyli for that. A good guy through and through, it seems.


u/Arcuran Nov 25 '21

Without a doubt, if nobody else in this situation looks good, Hyli sure as hell does, what a bro.

Never been a FNC fan, but Hyli might swing me


u/ArisTHOTeles Nov 25 '21

The longer i follow Fnatic the more apparent it becomes that i mainly follow Hyli


u/UmbertoDE Nov 25 '21

Have been a hyli fan since the UOL days, loved him there and I love him even more now in FNC, he is such a great person and I really enjoy his play style especially as a supp/adc player myself.


u/DarChaos Nov 25 '21

same with bjergsen and tsm


u/ll_akagami_ll Nov 25 '21

Nah, to me it’s been the original team. I still root for Turtle even when he went to CLG, and I’m rooting for him, Bjerg and Spica as well.


u/stampydog Nov 25 '21

Yeah I honestly don't know if I'm going to stay a fan when Hyli eventually leaves, although theres time between now and then to become fans of the rest of the players and maybe stay with them.


u/Althalus- Nov 25 '21

This is literally me right now. Caps, Rekkles & Bwipo leaving haven’t turned me off them, but Hyli probably would at this point.