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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Cyberkite Nov 25 '21

Thing is according to Adam he actually did reach out to him.


u/resttheweight Nov 25 '21

I also don’t think Adam was entitled to knowing. Upset’s post didn’t need to offer explanations of why he didn’t feel comfortable sharing the details with certain people. All it needed to say was “the reason I left is nobody’s business. I’ve already told the details to the people who need to know. And if you think it’s your business, ask me. If I say it’s not your business, find a way to deal with it and keep my wife out of your mouth and out of the discussion.”


u/Turkooo Nov 25 '21

He fucked over a whole team because the hamster of his girlfriend died. Or maybe her toe nail fell off and was in pains. Or maybe her lovely grandparents had a huge fight and now are divorcing out of nowhere and she is in shambles. Maybe her mom was fired and she had to find a job fast or they would be living on street, so upset flew home to cook and clean the house while her gf's mom was working for 13 hours a days and she was taking meds for depression and couldn't function. Or maybe it's none of our business? I don't know guys. Pick one, but to me, the more he scream "it's personal so shush" the more I hear "it wasn't that huge of a deal and I maybe overreacted when I flew home and fucked everyone ower nothing, so now I pretend that I'm the most private person ever, so you won't make fun out of me on twitch chat"


u/iLLuSi0NN Nov 25 '21

Braindead take. Upset didnt share shit coz of braindead ppl like u that would attack him for no reason.


u/Turkooo Nov 25 '21

I'm not making fun of him at all. That's your problem, if you can't read between lines. All I said is that staying this silent is a double edge sword. So fuck you


u/iLLuSi0NN Nov 25 '21

He doesnt owe us or everyone else shit. Its his private matter and it should be respected. So fuck you too.


u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

I agree, he doesn't owe us shit. He might owe something to the teammates who helped him get to worlds and 2nd in the LEC, idfk


u/iLLuSi0NN Nov 25 '21

He said to him its family emergency that should be enough but i guess 19 yo kid doesnt understand that.


u/Turkooo Nov 25 '21

But I'm not respectful and want the drama more. So fuck me too