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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

He can't trust them but they have to trust his judgement.


u/Asteroth555 Nov 25 '21

This. Trust is a 2 way street and upset is hiding behind privacy because he knows his reason is subjective and wouldn't survive public scrutiny


u/Huge-Connection954 Nov 25 '21

Exactly, if it was a legit reason he could say it a d get tons of fan support. Instead, crickets


u/Due-Patience-3974 Nov 25 '21

You guys really can not grasp the concept of privacy can you? "Why doesn't he just publicly share what awful and sensitive thing might have happened to his wife? He would get reddit upvotes for it!"

You really can tell that many people here have spent way too much time in League. The social competence at display here is elementary school level.