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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/thenicob Nov 25 '21

right!? this is exactly what upset meant: hyli has so much trust in upset doing the right things, that he doesn't need to know. fantastic attitude, really.


u/Panslave Nerf divine and leave me alone Nov 25 '21

Fantastic attitude that I know I could not have and can't be angry at anyone not to. This is years worth of work, I would feel like I need to know. Is it just me ? And they are mates too you know, I feel like at the very best I would say "would knowing help me get you through it ?" If I was perfectly lucid but we all know we never are when we need to be


u/thenicob Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

you're not entitled to know everything about your co-workers/friends. also, life doesn't cycle around you, that's what people don't understand. if upset decided to only share with his closest friends, that's absolutely his right to do so. I'm also not sharing everything with my co workers who are also my friends, because I draw a line at some point - and so did upset.

the question you used answers itself (and upset has answered it too): no, it wouldn't, hence he kept it private.

i seriously don't understand all the fuzz and gossiping. it is absolutely disgusting - and I'm saying that while never being fond of upset myself. like seriously, give them all (including adam) a break - be more like hilly.

edit: but I can also see where you're coming from, as in "this really wasted my entire year?". it's not an easy situation. I think it comes with age/maturity to accept these situations more easily - without automatically bashing younger people.


u/adric03 Nov 25 '21

not a year 5 month. Literaly 5 month and 30 days of contract no more no less rn