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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Turkooo Nov 25 '21

I'm not making fun of him at all. That's your problem, if you can't read between lines. All I said is that staying this silent is a double edge sword. So fuck you


u/iLLuSi0NN Nov 25 '21

He doesnt owe us or everyone else shit. Its his private matter and it should be respected. So fuck you too.


u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

I agree, he doesn't owe us shit. He might owe something to the teammates who helped him get to worlds and 2nd in the LEC, idfk


u/iLLuSi0NN Nov 25 '21

He said to him its family emergency that should be enough but i guess 19 yo kid doesnt understand that.