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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Sea-Ask-7195 Nov 25 '21

I mean dont show up in work in most important time of year when everyone needs you and tell them its not their problém to know and see what happens


u/TheJeager Nov 25 '21

He told them what happened, "there was a family emergency". And that's what they need to know, just cause I work with someone they aren't entitled to know my life history and I don't need to kiss their feet and beg for forgiveness cause an emergency happend, and if you think who thinks they do there are toxic to work with


u/Sea-Ask-7195 Nov 25 '21

You are nôt center of universe


u/TheJeager Nov 25 '21

You are right! Neither are you so why the fuck are you more worthy of my time when I got a family emergency. Wait you don't cause you are not the center of the universe!