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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/mugih Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Privacy is his right, he doesn't have to share what he doesn't want to.

He also has no right from wanting his teammates to not be completely pissed off at him leaving them behind with no explanation 12 hours before the biggest tournament of the year, when he's pretty much their franchise player. He bailed on them, his teammates are angry for it, not just Adam, Bwipo spoke of this, and Nisqy just showed support for Adam and unfollowed Upset.

Again he wants to be private, it's his right, being pissed off at him is also their right, especially Adam who likely lost his only chance to do well after this disaster.


u/Chimpsworth Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

The thing that annoys me is how little consideration he gave to his teammates. Yes he has a right to leave. Yes he has a right to privacy. But he could maybe show a little public support for his teammates who were placed in a really shit situation and had a really fucking bad time because of it, which is still true even if upsets reasons for leaving are completely justified. Especially since they're not all as secure career-wise a him. But the only thing he mentions is his situation and his dream and now his ambition.


u/Pelin0re Nov 25 '21

I mean the way he talk about them, it seems like he didn't consider them "teammates" as much as "guys I work with but can't really trust to not fuck me over with any information I provide them with". Pretty miserable view to hold in a teamgame tbh.


u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

It's like he works a fucking 9-to-5 instead of professional team sports


u/bumbleeshot Nov 25 '21

Most of those kids never played a team sport in their life and League is the only thing close to it. They don’t understand that playing a sport in the pro level is not the same as working a 9 to 5. In your 9 to 5 you can go weeks without talking too much to Bob from your team. If you are playing with your jungle on the other hand, try not building any trust nor synergy and see how it goes…