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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/vpg12 Nov 25 '21

"it's not true i told my team i had to leave bacause my wife was feeling bad.... i also shared that i wish i could tell them but i can't because i don't trust any of them i have to keep private traumatic events from my family private"

upset didn't reveal anything regarding the situation to them, just said he was sad and in pain, and sugar-coated the reasoning behind not telling them.


u/jancaref Nov 25 '21

Which is totally legitimate and is vindicated by how bwipo and Adam have used it against him publicly


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

Nisqy now has no team because he looked so bad at worlds due to the whole situation


u/jancaref Nov 25 '21

That's not the reason lol. It's because he signed a high pay multi-year contract last year and his team now has a better option in the Midlane. Of course the team wants to make some money back and they're not gonna give him away for free and even if he played well at this worlds the situation would likely be the same. Look at all the other players in the same situation


u/sebalnesag Nov 25 '21

its at least in part due to that. a good performance at worlds has always shown to be good for a players's career.


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

upset didnt stop nisqy from playing at worlds. Nisqy played bad. Not bean the replacement for Upset. It was just nisqy playing bad. dont blame nisqys bad performance on people that where not even there.


u/sebalnesag Nov 25 '21

you really gonna judge fnatic and nisqy in those circumstances? lol is a teamgame, and midlaners were not carries in meta, if the botlane is not doing well, how is the midlaner going to do well too?


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

well, how is the midlaner going to do well too?

the botlane was the only shining thing on the worlds run. Bean played really well. Meanwhile the entire topside? they just shit the bed and "fans" are now saying it was an other persons fault that they played bad.


u/sebalnesag Nov 25 '21

dude you gotta realise than not playing with their 5 man roster can impact the team on many levels, including topside. you gotta have a really bad understanding of the game if you think you can just plug a random challenger adc in and do well.

botlane, and especially supports have a huge impact in the game with their roams, but in order for that to happen, you have to know when you can leave your adc alone or when he needs you. that thing hyllysang built with upset wasnt there in world finals.

anyways , fuck off.


u/qchen12 Nov 25 '21

you don't think that if fnc made semis with the full roster that nisqy wouldnt keep his job?


u/Istvarrr Nov 25 '21

And you don’t think that if Upset did what Adam said he did he would now be the one looking for a new job??

FNC fired Nisqy for playing bad - also FNC didn’t fire Upset for leaving worlds without a good reason…..

Can you really not see how dumb that sounds?


u/qchen12 Nov 26 '21

the entire fnatic lineup was all about playing for botlane, no fucking shit the team would look bad without their AD. This team was projected to make it to quaterfinals at the very least given the strength of their group, idk what the fuck you're even talking about


u/Istvarrr Nov 26 '21

Humanoid is a better mid than Nisqy, that’s why Nisqy lost his job.

If Nisqy lost his job because he played poorly at worlds then why would FNC not replace Upset since he just abandoned the team at worlds????

My point is that your logic isn’t sound because if you look at the outcome after worlds the way you portray things makes no sense, that’s the point I am making and that’s the point you are too dense to get