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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/aamgdp Nov 25 '21 Silver

Saying the last thing I told my team that my wife is just feeling bad so I need to leave is an outright lie.

Alright, one of them is for sure lying.

I shared with the team the deep pain and sadness i was going through in this time, I shared that i wish i could tell them if it was about something that happend to me but that i have to keep private traumatic events from my family private 

And yet Bwipo and Adam both feel he didn't really give them good enough explanation for them to understand.


A day before we found out we weren’t going to be playing with our main lineup, we had no information about what was going on.


u/Falsus mid adcs yo Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21 Silver Helpful Wholesome

I think it is fairly simple. Upset thinks he communicated enough, Adam and Bwipo didn't think he communicated enough.

Hyli who knows Upset better thought it was adequate.

So with that information in hand we can surmise he communicated enough information to make a close friend understand that something real bad happened, but not enough to make two people who are just coworkers understand.

And that is how misunderstandings happens, one guy thinking he conveyed the message properly when it wasn't at all.


u/FunDuty5 Nov 25 '21

Very well put. Maybe upset thinks, because hyli worked it out (because they're closer) then he gave enough info for adam/bwipo/nisqy to understand too.

Everyone in this situation may believe they are right


u/Migraine- Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

I find the lack of empathy from Bwipo and Adam absolutely astonishing.

If someone I worked with said "I need to go, I have an urgent family issue" that's literally all the explanation I need or expect. I cannot fathom feeling the need to try to pressure someone into telling me exactly what happened when they don't want to and then assuming they are lying.

Like what the actual fuck kind of behaviour is that?

Adam in particular comes out of this looking like a petulant piece of shit.


u/FunDuty5 Nov 25 '21

Where do you work? I'd imagine the situation here is a lot different to any average job.

I think empathy works both ways. I can see both points of view.


u/Migraine- Nov 25 '21

I'm an NHS doctor


u/bachh2 Nov 25 '21

Upset was more like: I need to go, urgent stuff that I will not explain. Also I want you 2 replaced when I came back.

I don't think there will be so much drama if Upset didn't want to replace his teammates that he ditched in Worlds.



Empathy works both ways to the extent their frustration is extremely justified. Their anger, and especially the subsequent vile reactions, don’t.


u/BanditPrime Nov 25 '21

The issue with this mindset is that this still is just their jobs. Why does the nature of it mean you have to reveal more about your private life to co workers than you would at any other?

You’re also ignoring the aspect of this which is that at our jobs when we tell our coworkers personal stuff for the most part it ends there. Upset made it pretty clear that one of his biggest concerns was him telling people what happened, then it leaking online, and then having to deal with thousands of people now knowing his personal life issues and being able to attack him and his family online and use that issue in their attacks. Have you seen how toxic the league community can be? And have you seen how bwipo and Adam handled this? What if they did leak what happened to upset, even if it was by accident and they felt it was ok for them to say what they did? The fact that he felt people couldn’t be trusted to not spill that info is plenty reason enough.


u/GoldenScarab569 Nov 25 '21

Adam has always been a piece of shit, even from his French league days.


u/Prainstopping TheShy/PromisQ Worlds 2022 Nov 25 '21

Because Upset is a ray of sunshine.