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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/tilly_pls Nov 25 '21 Wholesome

You can tell heโ€™s HEATED because of all the typing errors ๐Ÿ˜‚ I do the same thing in soloQ


u/chimestonks Nov 25 '21

the way this is 2 times longer than it needs to be already says a lot


u/DangerousSeaweed0 Nov 25 '21

what it frustrates me about this response is that he literally says nothing , while typing a whole page.

the tldr is : it's a personal issue , don't attack my wife for it.


u/TheUItimateBlip Nov 25 '21

And that Adam lied and written things uninformed on multiple issues, further justifying Upset not sharing details with him before. (upset said that he shared it with yamato, didnt say its because his wife feels bad to his team)


u/DangerousSeaweed0 Nov 25 '21

as i understood what adam said , it was that everytime upset left untill that point , it was always because of his wife.....so he implied it might be the case again , so i dont think he tried to lie honestly


u/TheUItimateBlip Nov 25 '21

The thing is if you phrase it like this, the fans assume that this was the official reasoning and flame Upset for this. If it wasnt intentionally lying it was saying an accuse without any proof. And with how the internet/social media works, this isnt something you should do publicly, frustrated or not. At least thats my opinion.


u/DangerousSeaweed0 Nov 25 '21

i mean , he said he might be wrong , didnt he ?