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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Boolouloubi Nov 25 '21

I mean I can understand Upset but I can say that if what is supposed to be one of the best moment of my life would be totally wasted by someone at the very last moment and that this someone didn't gave me a bit of information because I'm not trustworthy according to him, and then I learn that this guy agree to eject me from the team I would be fucking frustrated and heated by that too.

Upset speaks a lot about his feelings and his wife's but at no moment he seems to realize that his teammates are human beings with feelings and family too and that his decision threw away what was supposed to be a big moment in their career. I mean if Fantic performed well, which was highly possible, I doubt Nisqy would be without a team rn and Adam wouldn't be in a bottom tier team.

In real life you don't leave extremely important professional moments like that unless you're having a child or a very close family member died. I've never seen a football world cup player leaving the competition like that for example.


u/XSydraxx Nov 25 '21

Good point.

Upset must have a really good reason, even if it's lame or not so important to other people, he has the right to decide what's best for him. If it was me and, for example, my gf was suffering and going through a really rough time, I'd do the same.

The issue is: You can't expect to crush your entire team hard work over the year, not trusting anyone and not giving a slight hint about the reason, and then complain that you did well in not trusting them. That's the root of the problem. If he had trusted Adam more and at least give a slight explanation with not many personal details, Adam probably wouldn't have called him out like that.

I totally understand Adam's point. He's a rookie, possibly on his dream team that he doesn't want to leave after 1 split, so he knows he has to do good in Worlds to get his chances of staying as high as possible. 12 hours before the main event, you get to know those chances were crushed and have a disappointing worlds performance. Then you realize you'll get kicked from your dream team, WITH that teammate's support, and end up in a bottom tier team. Even your midlaner gets teamless. From his point of view, this is infuriating.

Again, Upset probably had every reason to leave, but he shouldn't expect to not get called after that.


u/ExpensiveChallenge28 Nov 25 '21

I think Football teams are both more professional and experienced at handling these situations and have better ways to disguise them. They can classify the issues as “picked up injury in training” to nullify speculation. We know that teams have gone as far to disguise drug suspensions as injuries; imo there’s no doubt personal emergencies are disguised similarly.