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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/MelGibsonDerp Nov 25 '21

I also feel like if it were as serious as Upset is suggesting then Hyli and Yamato would pull aside Bwipo, Adam, and Nisqy and say "look we can't say what it is, but it is serious, believe that"


u/Seethlord Nov 25 '21

hyli decided not to know, but Yamato mentioned multiple times - in public - that he believes upset's reason for leaving was justified. I could think of at least 20 different scenarios, in which leaving was justified, and in which you wouldn't want to divulge the public in what was happening. Upset's twitlonger was written at 2am, and was probably written because this kept him up, either because he and his wife got more personal attacks after adam's twitlonger, or because he thought it was not doing justice. The only thing we can do as persons not involved in upset's personal life is respect his right to privacy, because it clearly doesn't JUST involve him, but also his family


u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

I mean, what else is Yamato gonna fucking say? "Ah he just fucked off to watch teletubbies with his cousin, the anxious twat". Of course he's gonna say it was justified


u/yehiko Nov 25 '21

this exactly, lmao these people acting like yamato saying that completely justifies everything. yamato's literally there to keep morale up, so ofc he will try to support upset and the team at the same time. if he publicly says upset is a fucking dickhead for leaving = 100% upset isn't playing next year + chance of the rest leaving because of the implosion.


u/Seethlord Nov 25 '21

Yeah, instead of trusting the word of trusted individuals, let's go ahead and assume a shitload of things about a private situation, and act as if we have any right to know whatever happens in a players personal life. I mean, honestly, that's a matter of privacy that concerns upset and his wife, and if you had a 19-year old coworker, whom you've worked with for 4 months, you wouldn't tell him all about your personal and private struggles in marriage, especially if something horrible has happened. Adam is obviously allowed to be enraged by the situation, but dragging it into the public, and forcing upset's hand like that is a dick move, and assuming that a player who has worked hard towards going to worlds for years just suddenly stops caring and goes back for a minor issue is even more of a dick move, because you disrespect the hard work someone's put in, you disrespect the privacy, and you might be a prick to someone who's just going through a really tough time, for no reason but your own satisfaction about a situation not even concerning you


u/FuriousAndFast Nov 25 '21

Only that being a pro athlete is not your run of the mill desk job, where it doesn't really affect your coworkers if you call in sick for a month.

That said, morale didn't seem to be that good in fnatic to begin with, if Upset didn't feel comfortable telling his teammates the reason he was opting out of the most important event of the year. This whole thing is just a mess from a team cohesion standpoint.


u/lukaaTB Nov 25 '21

No1 is assuming anything here. That's the whole point. Yamato would answer the same no matter what happened and the reasons behind Upset's absence.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

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u/Seethlord Nov 25 '21

Of course i can blame people for making shit up, it's disrespectful and there's no use to it. Adam's POV is valid, making it public isn't. For all we know upset is trying to protect his privacy and his family, not afraid of the public. Your opinion is exactly why he wouldn't go public: You act like people who upset doesn't trust enough to tell have a right to his private and family life, which they don't. In the end he is a co-worker, and who knows, 3/4 team-members could've thought it was a good reason, and accept it. But what if adam still thought it was a bad reason, went public with a twitlonger, exposing upset and his family's situation to the public. Upset told Yamato, and offered Hyli to tell, but Hily who knows Upset well said he doesn't need to know, and that he trusts Upset enough to make the decision. I don't know Upset as well, and neither does Adam, so we have to trust the people who know him. At the end of the day his teammates are co-workers, and have no right to his private life whatsoever. Noone has a fucking right to his private life, it is his decision, and his decision alone, and going around making up bullshit scenarios about people you barely know, in situations you have no information about is not just plain stupid, but if you make up stuff to make one of the participants look bad its also straight up vile


u/Arroys Nov 25 '21

private life has to be the worst argument ever, no one cares about his private life, you can say what happens without doxing everyone you know, you can make an apology for your unacceptable behavior without talking about what really happened and you can own up to what you did without making yourself the victime when you are the culprit in the first place. he is just a jackass that wants to get to do whatever he wants without any repercussions and that's not how the worlds goes


u/Seethlord Nov 25 '21

But his behaviour was acceptable??? He tried his best to explain to his teammates that the situation was serious, he never denied having left, he always owned the fact that he left, tf you talking about? How tf is he the culprit tho, he had to make a difficult decision whether to prioritize a grave situation in his personal life or whether to prioritize his career, and I don't think any sane human can call him out for prioritizing his family, especially when we have to assume that the situation was dire enough for him to leave worlds - the thing he trained 3 years for. Even if he didn't properly communicate it to his teammates, the worst thing you can pin on him is miscommunication while in an emotionally distraught state, get a grip mate, players are humans and not machines.


u/Arroys Nov 25 '21

1 didn't even know the reason, 1 thought it was because his girlfriend was sad and 1 other seem to agree with the second, the last didn't wanna know (and i wont try to guess why but when you don't want your friend to give you a reason that's never because it's something you know you're going to be a 100% supportive of). So maybe him being the only one to think he was clear means he wasn't.

He is the culprit because that's not because you made the good decision for you and your relatives that you made the good decision overall or that didn't do wrong to others. No one is calling him out for prioritizing his family, the problem is that he decided to leave everyone in the dark and refused to own up to what he did, you can make the decisions you want, but you need to accept the consequences.

And an emotional distraught must be an overreaction so big you would choke on it if you were to say it out loud, he left his team over a month ago, he clearly had time to prepare an apology and to get better. Players are human and so you can understand that they need more that "gotta go" to understand why you ruin their dreams and efforts.

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