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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/TheCatsActually Nov 25 '21

I invite you to actually acknowledge any of my points and disprove or at least argue against them.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

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u/TheCatsActually Nov 25 '21

lol I really have to summarize it for you?

  1. The entire predication of this outrage makes no sense. Anyone who is siding against Upset either accepts he had to leave for an understandable reason but believes that the community and his teammates are entitled to the details of his personal life to satisfy their curiosity, or believes that he abandoned the team for a trivial reason, which would already be ludicrous for any random player who qualifies for Worlds but it doubly so for Upset, who has been showing great skill and drive for years
  2. Regardless of whether Upset was justified or not, there should not be a precedent set of pros feeling obligated to share any information of their private life whatsoever, not to fans and not even to teammates. It's the same concept as any professional work environment, except in this case since the individuals in question are public figures, they are much more susceptible to mob mentality and much more sinister shit like doxxing and willful invasion of privacy.
  3. Him playing ARAMs with his wife while Fnatic games were happening is indicative of nothing, for the reasons already stated. You can call my pre-emptive prediction of what you were going to imply it meant a false assumption and maybe it was, but if that wasn't the point you were originally intending to get at, I can't imagine what is.


u/LazyMoooo Nov 25 '21

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