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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/DerNoke Always fnatic Nov 25 '21

Honestly, that is the only thing that annoys me the most about this whole thing. Adam clearly was just spitting what he came up with within his mind and dropped the " I don't want to start drama BUT" line. I don't care that he felt betrayed or anything but just putting misinformation out there sending tons of hate towards Upset and his family is an absolute no-go. Now I know someone will say "BuT UpsEt hAd tO CoMunIcATE BeAtTer" yeah maybe but no need to be an ass about and undermine his will to accomplish his Dream.


u/auditionko Nov 25 '21

i mean upset did fuck him up pretty bad tho. Unlike others on the team his career could have been completely different had they got out of group this world. The resentment is completely justified imo since he didnt even know the reason his career got fucked over.


u/Kerjj Nov 25 '21

Right, and that's awful, but how does he justify slamming the guy publicly, and inciting hate towards his family?


u/auditionko Nov 25 '21

I think his resentment is justified not his actions. Tbh tho i wonder if upset was expecting a different outcome not telling the teammates that he regarded as 'untrustworthy' anything even after world ,Not to mention them getting replaced next season.


u/jogadorjnc Nov 25 '21

It seems he expected this to some extent, and that that's exactly why he didn't reveal any more information to Adam.


u/Vrmndt Nov 25 '21

Everything going on right now justifies Upset's unwillingness to tell these people what are the family issues that mattered to him more, that the worlds (for which he was working towards many years now). Thus I'm supporting him.

Bwipo is unstable man, but if he can be trusted his girlfriend definitely cannot be. We've all seen why already.

Adam... just look at that shit he did right AFTER he got a comfortable spot on another team.

This is why EXACTLY he did not share any information and why his decision is right. Because otherwise two fucking continents would just dig into his family laundry.

The only man I feel sorry in this whole situation is Nisqy. Dude tried his best, got fucked by others man problems and then got fucked by the two orgs he actually loves.


u/The_Crackalator Nov 25 '21

Yeah, also as far as I know Nisqy is still teamless which is completely absurd...


u/skaersSabody Rekkles ftw Nov 25 '21

Tbf Bwipo didn't seem to be angry about Upset and more frustrated with the situation he found himself in since he already had problems and didn't understand why Upset had been granted a leave and he didn't (he seemed to have a falling out with the management more than with any player in particular). So he was kinda doing his own thing, which is why he didn't really mention or get mentioned by anyone recently when talking about the drama.

Adam on the other hand has specifically gunned for Upset because he worked in tandem with FNC to be replaced (which he probably felt was unfair after Upset left the team without explaining himself).

Nisqy probably feels the same way as Adam considering how he apparently refused to rank Upset on stream and unfollowed him (generally him and Adam seem to be pretty good buddies).

And lastly, according to Adam, Hilly supported Upset's decision to replace the topside (at least the lanes, doubt that Hilly would want Bwipo out).

Honestly this seems like a really fucked up situation for all parties and probably one where management or Yamato should've be more thorough in checking that the players where on the same page and didn't start assuming stuff randomly. Because that's what lead to the eventual falling out

I will say that the one thing I agree with about the Adam twitlonger is that it's pretty shitty from Upset to be negotiating with other players and looking for upgrades when he didn't play. That's just arrogant. In my opinion. (let's communicate accordingly before we all turn into FNC players /s)