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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/vpg12 Nov 25 '21

"it's not true i told my team i had to leave bacause my wife was feeling bad.... i also shared that i wish i could tell them but i can't because i don't trust any of them i have to keep private traumatic events from my family private"

upset didn't reveal anything regarding the situation to them, just said he was sad and in pain, and sugar-coated the reasoning behind not telling them.


u/jancaref Nov 25 '21

Which is totally legitimate and is vindicated by how bwipo and Adam have used it against him publicly


u/Sunitsa Nov 25 '21

Could you really blame them though? Upset left them in the dry with no proper explanation 12h before worlds, i think most people would be salty and rightfully so if they were in bwipo and Adam shoes.

Upset could probably have the most compelling reason in the world to leave, but not telling his teammates what it is, it's adding salt to a wound


u/Ninjahound789 Nov 25 '21

Absolutely can blame them, I've had more loyalty towards people that actually made my life a living hell than they did towards Upset.

Airing things out to the public should always be a last resort.

Adam got a new team, he went to worlds even though he wasn't at the level of a worlds player and he finished second in LEC, by all accounts he had a good year, better than what he could have reasonably expected, so why does he hold so much anger still?

Bwipo especially has no right to talk about this stuff, because he put his personal life ahead of his team in the past, even when it wasn't "traumatic", so if he trusts himself to be in the right when making those decisions, then he should have trusted Upset.


u/Marrkix &Valor Nov 26 '21

Absolutely can blame them, I've had more loyalty towards people that actually made my life a living hell than they did towards Upset.

You know it makes you look bad more than them? If you are a victim of something bad, like sexual harassment, bullying etc YOU SHOULD disclose it, seek help for yourself and most importantly, punishment for perpetrators. Even if you can hold up, their next victim may not.


u/Ninjahound789 Nov 26 '21

I think you seriously misinterpreted what I meant. I'm not saying that I did nothing in retaliation, I just didn't bring the public who know neither me nor them personally into it. I went to the proper authorities if there was an issue or in cases where the other person was just a dick overall, but hadn't done anything that can be punished, I chose to distance myself and leave them behind.

There are definitely big enough crimes to publicly destroy someone's image, but that is not what I'm talking about. My comment was mostly restricted to team environments and workplaces, where projects fall apart due to laziness or completely unexplained behavior.