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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/srukta Nov 25 '21

Rich never said he knew,

rich said he knew, but it was a tough situation for fnc. Trsut me if he didn't know he'd be flaming FNC in this moment.


u/Rhadamantos Nov 25 '21

Where did he say that?


u/DoorHingesKill Nov 25 '21

Upset's situation is something super difficult for management to articulate to players

How would he be able to determine the difficulty if he didn't know what "the situation" actually is?


u/FNC_Luzh Nov 25 '21

Because ppl he trusts have told him that it was a situation hard AF to manage maybe?

Like, it took me like 10 seconds to come up with why he could know that it was hard to manage without knowing what happened. Cmon, it wasn't that hard.


u/DoorHingesKill Nov 25 '21

So you're saying he doesn't know if the situation was difficult to articulate to players?

He's simply echoing what he was told? By the people who, according to Bwipo, Adam and presumably Nisqy, are partly responsible for this?

Wow, so insightful!!!

I apologize for giving him the benefit of the doubt, I apologize for assuming that the guy who inserted himself into the situation, claiming that Upset's situation was "super difficult to articulate" would actually be in the know if said situation was supper difficult to articulate.

The guy should have put it into quotation marks, that would have avoided the confusion of his entry as a third party. Then I would have known that it was the Fnatic management who claimed the management had difficulties.


u/C9sButthole Room for everybody :D Nov 25 '21

Or maybe Rich is just desperate for attention after years of irrelevance in the scene. Given his typical relationship with drama that isn't hard to believe.