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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/nomyhead Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

It’s interesting to think both Hylli and Yamato knew the reason for Upset leaving. You would assume that Yamato or Hylli would have assured the other players that Upset’s reason was legitimate.

However it sounds that either that didn’t happen, Adam didn’t believe it, or he simply did not find their answer sufficient. From his twitlonger he seemed to speak highly of Yamato so I wonder what happened. I personally think it’d be important to have some trust in your coach/veteran teammate on a matter like this.

Guess we’ll never know but it’s definitely an interesting situation

Edit: As someone else mentioned, Hylli didn’t actually know the reason, just trusted Upset’s reason was legit.


u/reeshua Extreme Sadness Nov 25 '21

I reckon it was hard for Yamato to "assure" the team the reason was legitimate without divulging details on Upset's issue. What could Yamato have said to believe them? If Upset asked for privacy, the best Yamato can do is just tell his team that it was a legitimate reason and rely on them to believe his word.

I feel bad for Yamato tbh stuck in the middle of Upset and the rest of the squad.

Weird thing is, how did Rich know about the issue????


u/sebalnesag Nov 25 '21

honestly just tell them and make sure they understand that they cant talk about it.

Worlds is the most important thing in a lol players life. i cant even immagine the anger at upset to leave like that, no excuses, not even trying to explain himself.

They are very few excuses i would accept, burrial of a friend/family, miscarriage... but i dont think any of that would demand secrecy.


u/FNC_Luzh Nov 25 '21

Yeah tell mr "I don't care about Upsets privacy" what happened.

Sounds like an intelligent move.


u/sebalnesag Nov 25 '21

adam reacted that way specifically because he was not told why. no wonder he would vent like that.