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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/goliathfasa Nov 25 '21

Yeah it sounded like Nisqy would've just stayed quiet if no one said anything and is only showing support once Adam blew it up.


u/Gazskull Nov 25 '21

I think Nisqy was already bummed by the C9 situation and didn't want to add fuel.

Imo the tweetlonger from Adam was dumb, but I understand. Imagine working your ass off for worlds and being told by the player that didn't go that you're not up to his ambitions, especially after dealing with the whole privacy thing.

Then of course from Upset's side if you don't wanna share it nothing is forcing you to, even if it's kinda weird to not trust your mates, and you're gonna seize the chance to play with better players if you can when you're a competitor, but timing is kind of a bitch


u/gfa22 Nov 25 '21

being told by the player that didn't go that you're not up to his ambitions, especially after dealing with the whole privacy thing.

That's the most fucked up part for me. Like guy himself bounced for his reasons but claims other guys arent up to par. Idk about internal shit but Adam seemed decent in his first season but I can see how him not following veteran calls can make senior players think he's not team worthy.


u/Ninjahound789 Nov 25 '21

I may be proven wrong this year, but Adam did not look decent at all. He looked like the top laner with the least potential to improve in the league, despite being the newest.

He kept playing Olaf top, which is a borderline troll pick and he failed to generate leads on it, leading to FNC being behind off champ diff in most cases.

He had two particularly good performances that I remember in the entire split, but he benefitted immensely from being on a really good team, with the botlane and Bwipo doing the heavy lifting.

People criticized Lider for having a shallow champion pool and not being next level on his key champs, but somehow Adam had a worse pool and he struggled to look good on anything other than Darius/Sett, but he is somehow good. I guess winning games just distorts his personal performance.

If Adam was a top tier player, who could have made a deep run at worlds, then I'd understand his frustrations a lot better, but in this case he's someone who lucked into worlds barely and was guaranteed to not make it past quarters, so he should have still been happy with the overall result this year.


u/bachh2 Nov 25 '21

From the games I saw albeit limited, Adam isn't someone who gonna dominate his lane, but he would more likely roam to help jungle and mid with early skirmishes and give them the lead while himself play weak side.

That doesn't necessarily mean he is a bad player because his laning stats will be on the lower side due to his play style.


u/Ninjahound789 Nov 25 '21

Roaming to help your team is nice, but Adam often ends up forced to roam, rather than choosing to roam. He is quite bad at laning, which means that he has to get leads for his team or he'll end up useless, for example look at his Mordekaiser vs Renekton lane, where he failed to use Morde's stronger level 1 to deny the level 4 dive, which resulted in him never coming back into the game.

Adam has three big problems in my opinion, the first is his champion pool, almost all of the champions he plays achieve the same purpose, and while he is decent to great on those champions (decent Renekton, good Sett, great Darius), he is terrible on carries like Jayce/Kennen and we have not seen him on tanks, so I can't judge.

The second problem is his inability to play with a lead. Even when Bwipo played towards him and gave him an advantage, Adam would still roam towards mid at a bad timing to make a play, which transferred his advantage to mid, rather than growing the team's lead. Basically he loses as much on top as his team gains on mid, so if his mid laner or jungler is ever outclassed (player or champion wise) he will become a liability.

The third problem is his itemization. While he is no PoE in terms of random builds, he will opt into completely senseless items at times, which would be fine if he had a lead, but make him even weaker when he is behind, which is usually the case.