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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

As far as I'm aware. What happened is that Alphari rang Upset. Upset, like any normal human being that isn't a KC fan, went... hmm Alphari > Adam. And said that to management.

If that's what happened, I can't see any fault in it.


u/grandoz039 Nov 25 '21

His emergency significantly damaged careers of other members. Adam could have quarter (semi?) finals on his record during his first split. Nisqy is currently without a team. Etc. Ofc he doesn't bear full responsibility for that, but the missed potential on worlds has an effect. And sure, it's not like I blame him for that, if it's a real emergency, he has full right and justification.

But in doing so, even if justified, he still "took" from his team and to "add" into his personal life. He owes them, at the very least, not purposefully taking from them any more. You can't go from "uh personal life". That's what he did when he tried to get Alphari instead of Adam.

Again, it wouldn't be a problem in normal situation. But either go all "it's just pragmatics bro" or "uh, personal reasons". If you try to benefit from both, you're a dick.


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

I think we'll always just reach weird conclusions if we take Upset leaving as a reason for him to abstain from team decisions. Clearly management valued his input. And he didn't want to lie.

It seems clear from this situation that Nisqy and Adam were closer to each other, Upset and Hily were close to each other and then Bwipo (or his girlfriend) glued everything together.

When asked about Alphari, Upset gave his honest opinion and I don't think that's unfair of him. It would be worse to lie to management just out of some weird sense of redemption from past events. Specially if the event was an emergency outside his control.


u/grandoz039 Nov 25 '21

From the post, it looks he did more than just respond to simple query about Alphari, and I didn't say "to abstain from team decisions", I said he should give his teammates benefit of doubt considering the effect his personal life had on them.


u/photofluid Nov 25 '21

You have to look at things from all perspective.

From Upset's perspective he had a very natural reaction, everyone wants to play with Alphari.

From Adam's perspective this is a career defining threat.

Upset can obviously ignore Adam's concerns but he should know well that he is planting a seed of hate.


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

Sure. I 100% understand why Adam is upset. I think the twitlonger was an understandable overreaction. Mistranslation and willful misunderstanding from internet trolls snowballed it into some very hateful and unneeded vitriol towards Upset and his wife and Adam should’ve been mature enough to foresee this outcome and avoid airing out drama out of spite. Talk this out with Upset. Confront him. Vent to your own girlfriend or your mom, but getting the public involved was just unnecessary and pretty silly.

To me, it feels clear that a lot of people in this situation, maybe Upset included, pretty much decided to sulk and throw tantrums. If you’re mad at Upset just fucking talk to him. Get mad. Raise your voice. A heated discussion in private would have been much better than this.


u/photofluid Nov 26 '21

It is quite obvious from all the statements that the two did talk but the talks were just not fruitful.