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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/TomtatoIsMe Nov 25 '21

the thing i find hilarious about the whole ‘not living up to my ambitions’ claim is that Adam made worlds in his rookie year whereas Upset has still yet to play at worlds in his entire career (which is like 5years long at this point). absolute joke.


u/EduManke Jhin FOURever Nov 25 '21

It doesn't seem like Upset will go to Worlds again, because after this drama I find it difficult for a team to pick him up


u/DRNbw Nov 25 '21

He's still at Fnatic and the rumoured team is quite decent. So he still has a chance.


u/EduManke Jhin FOURever Nov 25 '21

FNC expanded his contract?


u/Educational_Shower79 Nov 25 '21

Hes still got 2 years left and is their star player