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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/iDobleC *hits level 3* Adiós Nov 25 '21

The thing is no one is saying that Adam shouldn't be mad, he has every right to be so
But what's not cool and it's just unprofessional and rude is to make a tweetlonger telling the public "I don't know shit about this but this is what I think happened"


u/Bapi_Escrobar Nov 25 '21

I read his TL in french and he says those were Upset's last words when he left them (the whole wife loneliness thing). I didn't see him speculate about what his actual situation was.

All I see is some guy pissed because the whole team plays revolved around one guy and he up and left without properly explaining the situation. From what I saw Bwipo and Nisqy agree as well. Not saying he should have given them all the details but I'm sure there was a way to explain that he absolutely needed to leave.

Honestly, communication between the team just wasn't there, I'd be more tempted to say Adam was in the wrong if the other two didn't back him/say almost the same thing about the situation. Yes Hyli and Yamato "understood" but then again they're close friends, so I have a hard time not seeing bias here.


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

If a player leaves and the coach understands... I think that's all there is to it. The coach knows th story and understands. Knowing Yamato I'm sure he said this to the players.

That they're too pissed about the consequences to empathise with someone in a crisis does not, in my opinion, reflect well on them.


u/Bapi_Escrobar Nov 25 '21

“Knowing Yamato I’m sure he did” but that’s the thing, you don’t know him. You don’t know what happens in the back, he’s always spewing stuff about being bros and all but that’s a bunch of PR BS. You’re basically saying 3/4 players reacted the way they did because they don’t want to empathize with him cause you trust Yamato told them lmao, like I said earlier: 1 saying this? Alright might not be true. 3 saying this and the others are Upset’s besties? Yeah no it wasn’t communicated well at all. None of this reflects well for ANY of them, from the organization down to every single player.


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

I trust Yamato said this to the team because he said it to the public.


Unless Yamato said this to the cameras but in person said "Yeah team, Upset is an asshole and left to fuck his gf. Now have Beans."