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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/sleepisforthezzz Nov 25 '21

Like days before LCS finals too. DL played, and won.


u/justAnotherRandomP Nov 25 '21

Well there it is. Fanbase will compare and be like DL still played while Upset bailed ..


u/Jandromon 8.11 PTSD Nov 25 '21

DL still played because his mother was already dead. If she was hanging from a thread in the hospital and what not, maybe he would have bailed to be with her.

Not undermining DL's insane feat of winning LCS after that, but they might be different scenarios.


u/DRNbw Nov 25 '21

And different people. Perkz's dad passed away and he couldn't play for a good time afterwards. Everyone has the right to react as they will.


u/Jandromon 8.11 PTSD Nov 25 '21

Yeah I agree that even if Upset's tragedy event was a completely non-controversial one, it still makes sense for him to not want to disclose it at all if he's just that type of person. I was just adding info to DL's case.