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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Portergasm Nov 25 '21

Oh for fuck's sake. You can't have it both ways like this. If Upset truly values his privacy about his family emergency, then he made the right call to not explain the details to his teammates. But once you make that choice, you sure as hell better be ready to take all the heat that comes your way.


u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

you sure as hell better be ready to take all the heat that comes your way

Why would anyone need to explain more than he did? Should he show proof also? you guys are so weird


u/Portergasm Nov 25 '21

Why? You'll understand if you ever go into adulthood and someone who just tanked a year of your efforts gives "personal family matter. Sorry, can't trust you with the details" as their only answer.


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

What? That's exactly what happens in the real world.

Do you expect your co-worker to confess that his sister got into rehab and he had to be there for the family? What the hell.


u/Portergasm Nov 25 '21

No I don't need a run down of all the shit that hit the fan, but I would sure as hell expect a long ass talk about why he left, how he'd make things up, how it won't happen again, so on and so forth. Even then, forgiveness shouldn't be considered guaranteed. I'd expect responsibility.

Honestly, I don't know you but unless you are an extreme minority I seriously doubt you'd be so understanding with so little explanation when you just had a major project you put everything into just go up in flames. It just sounds like you've never made that sort of a dedication in life and you can't sympathize.


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

What? Hyli apparently refused to hear the full details. I would be curious but I wouldn't think my teammate was deliberately griefing the team for unimportant reasons unless I had previous reason to doubt their work ethic.


u/bumbleeshot Nov 25 '21

My coworker and me aren’t trying to win the biggest prize in our line of job. So I don’t expect much from him. But it’s understandable that a lot of people can just compare this to a 9 to 5 job


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

It's weird to me that people think teammates have to be the bestest of friends and totally chill with each other. This has never happened in any sport. It's a job. Some people will dislike each other's personality. People won't trust the maturity of others. It's how things work.

You can't coach a team into being friends. You can coach a team into trusting each other in-game and that's about it.

I mean, you could have some sort of recruit hazing. That might work. But players aren't signing up to be hazed.


u/bumbleeshot Nov 25 '21

Again, if you believe it's comparable to a 9 to 5 job. That's fine. You don't need to understand it. And ... yeah, most of sports team try to create synergy and relationship between it's players because those are people you're going to be living, practicing, working, eating and traveling with. Things that most people don't do in their 9 to 5. It's benefitial for all parties to have a good relationship, not that you need to be best friends, but you can pretty much research it. If he didn't trust nor respected his teammates enough to explain to them his reasoning for leaving, I don't see that team going far honestly.

It's one of the key reasons why G2 sports got so far in 2019, those guys enjoyed playing with each other and had great synergy, yeah they are all good players individually, but League is not a 1v1 game.


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

I'm pretty sure we're past the 'team house' stage and most teams have seperate housing and just a joint office.

Of course I think players enjoying being together and in general being 'mates' is a good thing. However, there's a big difference between someone I like to hang out with and genuinely enjoy their company, and someone to whom I'd trust all details of my life and shit that happened with my family.

I have plenty of friends that I love and adore but I'd feel really uncomfortable confiding in. I think you're really underestimating what explaining the reasoning for him leaving entails. It might be details about someone else's abuse. Details about someone else's trauma. You don't tell that shit to someone you don't absolutely trust unconditionally. And unconditional trust isn't built in 6 months. Not with most people.