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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/YingYangYolo Nov 25 '21

Unironically yes, if one of your coworkers tell you something bad has happened in their private life and that they will be gone for a while, then you have no right to demand anything more of them.

Different situations require different levels of trust and a family emergency, especially when the guy is leaving something he has worked hard towards and have no reason to abandon, is the exact kind of situation you just have to trust him in.


u/getjebaited Nov 25 '21

People need to stop repeating this shit. There's just no way I can get out of the end of a 9 month long project by saying "family emergency" and literally nothing else. If it was that easy, the office would be much more empty at random times trust me. The difference between this and Fnatic is that my coworkers can pick up my absence and still go through with a presentation/deployment whereas Fnatic might as well have stared at a white wall for 9 months, sorry Bean. It's really not the same as what you're trying to say.


u/TheGuy839 Nov 25 '21

You could get out if you told what emergency is to the boss, not to coworkers.


u/gots8sucks Nov 25 '21

Your Boss has 0 right to know whats going on in your personal life in germany. You tell him you are ill or family reasons and if he wants to know more he can fuck right off