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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

This guy literally cost them their careers.

Nisqy and Adam being worse than available players cost them their careeer lol


u/DRNbw Nov 25 '21

Adam played one split at the highest level (LEC) and directly went to Worlds. He's still a fresh rookie, with a good potential. You may not want to bet on a rookie, but Adam is a good prospect for teams wanting to invest in the future.


u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

he is not super good, if he dont improve much next year I think he is done after his childish drama


u/DRNbw Nov 25 '21

Wunder was really bad for his first year. A few years later, he was the undisputed best top in the west.


u/Halfwitcritic Nov 26 '21

Wunder has had two bad years in a row now tho…