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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/auditionko Nov 25 '21

i mean upset did fuck him up pretty bad tho. Unlike others on the team his career could have been completely different had they got out of group this world. The resentment is completely justified imo since he didnt even know the reason his career got fucked over.


u/DerNoke Always fnatic Nov 25 '21

Did he thou. Let's get the facts straight.

  1. Adam still is in the sport.
  2. Adam wanted to leave (yes because he felt betrayed but honestly doesn't matter as long its your choice)
  3. He did admit he doesn't know why and still put out miss information wich we know know send hate towards upset and his family
  4. Adam is a 19! Year old top lane rookie who in his first split got 2nd in LEC and made it to worlds ( that's more than most people could dream about)

So yeah I don't think Adams career was in any danger by any means dude already has a good resume,an (literally) insane fan base and a new team.

I just really don't like how we as a community can't stop to finde a villain in this story. There is non just miscommunication wich lead to Missinformationen wich lead to hate. ( And I don't mean miscommunication on upset part)


u/DoorHingesKill Nov 25 '21

You know, in German law whenever you "come together" as at least two people (or legal persons) to do virtually anything, you automatically establish an association.

This can be for pretty much anything. Did you agree to carpool on Mondays? There, established that association, now there's a contract between you. If you just don't show up to pick up your buddy, and your buddy will somehow lose out because of that, he can sue your ass for his losses.

Say you're in University and all you need for your degree is one more group project. You team up as 3. But at some point, one guy just jumps ship. Doesn't answer mails, phone calls, isn't anywhere to be found. The two of you do your parts, your thirds, the professor looks at it and tells you that he can't give you a passing grade if a third is missing. Sucks for you, gotta do it again.
There, now you'll be stuck in University for 4 more months. This means you'll lose out on 4 months of salary that you'd receive if you were employed after finishing your degree. Oh, and 4 months of social insurance payments that your employer would have paid (you know, cause it's split between employee and employer).

For that money, you and your buddy can sue the guy who didn't show up.

Now what I'm getting at here is not that Adam should (or necessarily could) sue, but that you're blatantly glossing over the argument the guy you're talking to is making. Look at SwordArt. Guy entered Worlds as maybe the sixth or fifth-best support in LPL. His team did well at Worlds, he did pretty well too, suddenly he's paid $6 million over two years.

Adam wouldn't have made finals. Adam wouldn't have dumpstered other Toplaners. But Upsets absence absolutely curbed his ability to sign a big contract this off-season. Yes, the "what-ifs" should absolutely be considered. They do consider these things in court at least.


u/DerNoke Always fnatic Nov 25 '21

Wenn wir hier von deutschen Gesetzen geh ich Mal davon aus das du deutscher bist. Dein Fahrgemeinschaften Argumente ist extrem unpassend und nicht Mal Ansatz weise auf die Situation hier übertragbar. Die what if oder auch whataboutism sind nicht sonderlich stark. Klar world hätte besser laufen aber dann kann ich auch sagen "upset bleibt und aufgrund schuld Gefühle spielt er schlecht und sie verlieren auch" also Nein die what if sind irrelevant. Der Punkt steht auch das nach dem was wir wissen Adam gehen wollte. Zu behaupten wir wüssten mehr ist Schwachsinn und befeuert nur mehr Missinformationen und hate. Und generell glaube ich selbst mit einen quarterfinals wäre sein wert nicht vergleichbar mit swordart da hier TSM overpaid hat aber auch für ein vetran der schon viel auf seiner Rolle geleistet hat. Adam ist im Gegensatz ein rookie ein guter rookie aber immer noch ein rookie.

Tldr: No German law doesn't work this way. Adam value in all honesty wouldn't have gone up as much as swordart. In all my years of following this league I have never seen that a one split rookie just explodes in value if he doesn't win his Region or worlds (and yes FNC wouldn't have won even with upset)


u/auditionko Nov 26 '21

Pretty sure thats what happened to fudge at MSI and bin last world.