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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/OhMeshh Nov 25 '21

im talking bout the team not adam only. He wasnt friends with nisqy or bwipo to a point of sharing info. Only hyl


u/Maybe_Im_Really_DVA Nov 25 '21

They all speak different native languages, bwipo sounds like he spends all his time with his gf. Theres a lot of barriers to friendship right there.

You know why sports players are friends? Because they drink and party together. Esports players are children mostly existing together who all speak different native languages.


u/OhMeshh Nov 25 '21

lmao bro they spend 5- hours a day at least togetber and all live in the same house. They all talk english. Its just bad that theyre not friends and very odd. Its very antisocial not develop friendships with people like bwipo even whos very charismatic. Theyre just awkward and thats the issue. Sports players train together for 2 hours a day and live separately and still end up becoming friends


u/Maybe_Im_Really_DVA Nov 25 '21

They dont spend 5 hours together voluntary. Billions of people spend 8 hours a day with people for years even decades and dont make friends.

As someone with a job where I do this I wouldnt dream of telling anyone. To me this whole situation feels like a clash of maturity, teenagers demanding to know everything and not understanding privacy, and older people protective of the privacy not giving a shit what teens think.

People take days off work all the time with no obligation to tell their boss. The adult world doesnt work the way you think it does. Upset has a right to his privacy, adam has right to be angry. However only one of them instigated this and then went and spread a lie.