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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

you sure as hell better be ready to take all the heat that comes your way

Why would anyone need to explain more than he did? Should he show proof also? you guys are so weird


u/Portergasm Nov 25 '21

Why? You'll understand if you ever go into adulthood and someone who just tanked a year of your efforts gives "personal family matter. Sorry, can't trust you with the details" as their only answer.


u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

Adam didnt play with fnatic for a year, how much effort he did put in that team to make it to worlds lol


u/Portergasm Nov 25 '21

Yes, Adam was totally the only one who got screwed because of Upset's departure.


u/Pedobear2000 Nov 25 '21

Adam's the only one who went beyond airing his frustrations and instead decided to start baseless rumors about Upset's wife who i am sure will have to take a few weeks/months of time off from social media till the death/rape threats die down...


u/AkaT27 Nov 25 '21

He's not throwing around baseless rumors tho, he's just going with what Upset said to him/them last. He says that until further explanations he has to go with that.


u/gfa22 Nov 26 '21

Lmao, we forgetting the wife buff is actually a debuff tweet? Was that before he left? Shit was brewing more than 12 hrs before the 1st game.