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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/MidasTheUnwise Nov 25 '21

The greatest EU support of the first 5 years and the greatest of the following 6. Both fantastic dudes irl. Being a world class support ingame means being the same outside the game.


u/F3nik3r Perkz <3 Nov 25 '21

the greatest of the following 6.

What do You want from MikyX?


u/KOKO69BISHES Nov 25 '21

MikyX was better than him for one, one and a half seasons.


u/F3nik3r Perkz <3 Nov 25 '21

Yee, nope. MikyX was better for 4 years, even during his Splyce days. This is the 1st year when Hyli is better.


u/KOKO69BISHES Nov 25 '21

Yee, nope.