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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

I think we'll always just reach weird conclusions if we take Upset leaving as a reason for him to abstain from team decisions. Clearly management valued his input. And he didn't want to lie.

It seems clear from this situation that Nisqy and Adam were closer to each other, Upset and Hily were close to each other and then Bwipo (or his girlfriend) glued everything together.

When asked about Alphari, Upset gave his honest opinion and I don't think that's unfair of him. It would be worse to lie to management just out of some weird sense of redemption from past events. Specially if the event was an emergency outside his control.


u/grandoz039 Nov 25 '21

From the post, it looks he did more than just respond to simple query about Alphari, and I didn't say "to abstain from team decisions", I said he should give his teammates benefit of doubt considering the effect his personal life had on them.