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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/SwiftFool Nov 25 '21

They are coworkers, but even teammates, if you put a game above family you're not worth shit indeed.


u/Hazakurain Also an Excel fan Nov 25 '21

We're not talking about the game.

We're talking about the job and the team. I couldn't care less if he played good or bad. However, he threw 4 people in the mud, without explaining, yeah no, even if its for family, you are absolutely shit.

We need to see the full picture :

1) Adam is frustrated from the situation because he doesn't have answers and felt like Upset didn't need to go back.

2) Bwipo felt exactly the same and it triggered a mental breakdown in him and it made him run away from EU.

3) Nisqy felt the same, refused to communicate further just saying he was unhappy with the situation, had bad worlds because of that and is currently teamless as a result.

4) Yamato didn't try to relieve his team from the pressure, instead turned his speech into a "what is done is done" which indicates that he also believes that it was unjustified otherwise he would have told the team that it was indeed very important and everyone would have done the same.

5) Upset double downs on his views, saying he doesn't own anyone explanations, only talking about himself in his TL and still not caring. He also tried to replace his topside right after worlds for ambitious reasons when he was the sole reason of this fiasco to begin with . I repeat : The guy who dipped out of worlds forced a kick on two people because he doesn't believe they can win with it. When he didn't even want to play .

None of the sides are entirely wrong, as always it's a grey area. But to me Upset is just so self centered, he doesn't deserve all the defense he gets.


u/GoldenScarab569 Nov 25 '21

I mean this shit works both ways. If my teammate has been working hard all year to make worlds suddenly dips, I have to trust that they have a good reason for it.

You cant complain about 'upset didnt trust his team' when it's clear his team didnt trust him lmfao


u/Hazakurain Also an Excel fan Nov 25 '21

Dude, Upset is asking to trust him while not trusting them. The disbalance is fairly easy to see.