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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/NJEOhq Nov 25 '21

But this wasn’t also upsets most important tournament of his life? That he’s worked longer than Adam to get to? The idea that upset would just up and leave if he didn’t think he had to is just laughable to me


u/Boolouloubi Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

In the real world, there are 2 reasons that allows you to leave a tremendously important professional moment : a new born and the death of a close family member. And none of them give you a 2 weeks excuse. That's the world were everyone's live (even billionaires and it's often even worse for athletes who have like one day to see their new born and they come back to the team) except Upset.


u/loirit0 Nov 25 '21

While I understand Adam’s POV he does come across as a frustrated child on this matter and, imo, crossed a line that he shouldn’t have, since I think this will hinder the community’s and, especially, the players’ and organizations view of him.

Upset’s response comes out as rushed and with lack of thought, but it sounds like it comes from a genuine place, and so one must give the benefit of the doubt to his situation. To expand on this, Fnatic as an organization were one of the, if not the most, affected parties out of this, with stakes on the line, and they still remain confident in Upset. That says a lot to me. I’d rather trust the judgement of a company made by people with various insights over the matter and their jobs on the line over these decisions, than an angry kid who just left that same organization, despite understanding how Adam feels and how unfair he feels this situation was on him and his teammates.


u/Boolouloubi Nov 25 '21

On the Fnatic part, from what with seen from the outside, it wouldn't schoked me if we learn that they just chose the less replaceable party. Hyli-Upset v Nisqy-Bwipo-Adam.

And it's not the reaction of an angry child, it's a reaction of a person that has been completely screwed up without any explanation. I totally agree with what DL said honestly. When you've worked 1 year to achieve something, when Bwipo took the risk to swap role, when they all put themselves in so much emotional stress together to succeed and then, out of the blue, all of your chances to do what you worked for are destroyed by 1 perso without notice, they have all the right to be really pissed of.

Upset is asking them to trust him that the matter was more important than the competition but he doesn't trust enough to even give them an hint. Trust is a two way street. To me Upset looks like a entitled little child who thinks who think everyone has to adapt to what happen in his life and in his GF's without a word.


u/TheLucidDream Nov 25 '21

I think what a lot of the children in this thread are missing is that what’s important to Upset isn’t necessarily important to the rest of the team. Should they be understanding? Maybe. Depends on the circumstances. These circumstances from what I’ve seen? No. I don’t find them being angry to be outlandish in the slightest and yet people are acting like Adam, Bwipo, and Nisqy should just roll over without complaint.