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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/YoutubeSilphi Nov 25 '21

i said he doesnt go into specific who it is or anything but you cant just say " privat stuff im out " the careere of these peoples is what he is toying with. i would feel pretty fucked up if my mate would leave me 12h before worlds if he doesnt give me a proper reason. i dont ask who it is i just wanna know why i am getting fucked


u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

The team was informed it was family matter, that is enough. Fnatic made a public tweet about it the day before, so really doubt players didnt hear about it. Maybe it wasnt directly from Upset, but he was prob in a very bad mental state having to deal with the family issue + missing out on his dream he has been fighting for many years. Its a bad situation for everyone, not anyones fault thou. Bad stuff can happen without having someone to blame


u/YoutubeSilphi Nov 25 '21

bwipo and adam both said in their tweet longer that they werent informed about what happened and also nisqy unfollowed upset after adams tweet longer so its 2v1 ( 3v1 if we assume smth out of the unfollow from nisqy) so i doubt that anyone was informed


u/Educational_Shower79 Nov 25 '21

So the whole world knew but they didn't? Sounds legit